You Should Learn How To Play The Violin – Why?

how to play the violin by ear

Are you wanting to learn how to play a fun new instrument that will offer you both stress relief, and a form of expression? Are you looking to round out music playing skills with yet another instrument?

Regardless of the motive behind choosing an instrument, and whether you are brand new to the world of music, or are a veteran, learning how to play the violin is something you cannot go wrong with! Learning how to play the violin is a great investment of your time and energy! How so? And what can you expect as your try to learn this new instrument?

First, let us spend a couple minutes discussing your expectations. Learning to play any musical instrument can be difficult and challenging. While some are able to pick it up and start playing like it is something they have always done, others struggle much more. What can you do to help making learning easier?

First, make plans to practice. That old expression “practice makes perfect,” truly comes into play here. As you spend more time practicing and using your violin, you will gradually become more comfortable with it. Especially for beginners, holding certain chords or transitions from one chord to another can be difficult.

But as you spend time practicing, holding your arms, wrists, and fingers in the right positions will become almost second nature. Also, you may experience some tenderness on your fingers, from applying pressure to them in ways you never have before. This is usual. With time, your body will adapt, and soon you will hardly notice.

Also, as you practice, make sure that you are practicing the right way. It may helpful to play in front of a mirror, or record yourself playing. This will help ensure that you have the right posture, and are making the correct motions. The only thing harder than learning to play an instrument is trying to correct something you have ingrained in yourself incorrectly.

All of this sounds like a lot of hard work and effort! And honestly, it can be. So why learn how to play the violin? Excellent question! But it has a satisfying answer. Learning how to play violin may present challenges, but the rewards are well worth it!

The violin is able to produce some of the most beautiful, powerful, and varied music of any instrument. It has long been regarded as a vitally important instrument in many styles of music. Learning to play this beautiful instrument will give you one of the greatest senses of accomplishment you can imagine. Also, many find that the time they spend playing the violin becomes relaxing for them. Some use it as great way to relieve stress and find a sense of calm.

Lastly, the violin is extremely portable. With your instrument, and your skill set, you can take your music virtually anywhere with you. And you can share your new passion with friends and families in fun and exciting singing sessions.

Despite some of the challenges you may face, remember to enjoy your time learning this fun instrument. Enjoy the sense of achievement you experience as you master this powerful, entertaining, and fun instrument!

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