Violin – How to Play

violin how to play

Last year my 10 year old daughter got it in her head that she wanted to learn how to play the violin. I have no idea where this idea came from since no one we know plays this particular instrument, but Lily was so insistent that my husband and I agreed to let her learn.

At that point I needed to find a violin instructor and had no clue on how to find one. So, I turned to my computer and did an online search for “violin how to play” to view the instructors in our area. There weren’t very many but I called the few I found. I really liked one particular man, so Lily and I met with him to see if he would take Lily as a student.

We met with Mr. Martin the following week, and he talked with us both. He explained what kind of a commitment learning the violin would be to Lily, and explained the various costs to me. The costs were not nearly as much as I had expected.

By the end of the meeting I could see that Lily liked Mr. Martin, and we agreed to begin lessons the following week. Before we left, Mr. Martin asked me how I had found him. I told him I had done an Internet search for “violin how to play” and that his name had come up in the results.

We bought a violin for Lily before her first lesson, and she was so excited that she tried to play it. However, it sounded so awful that she agreed to wait until her lessons to play her new violin.

I sat in on her first lesson and I wore a smile the entire time. Mr. Martin was very patient and kind with Lily, who struggled with learning how to properly hold her instrument. Much of that first lesson was spent with Mr. Martin demonstrating proper hold techniques, as well as how to properly pull the bow across the strings. It didn’t sound pretty, but making music was not the point of that first lesson.

Gradually over the next few months Lily improved her techniques. She also began to read music notes. At first Lily was frustrated because she wasn’t able to play what she called “pretty music”, but I explained to her that she first needed to learn the basics of violin playing. I told her that the more she practiced, the better she would get, and that Mr. Martin would eventually give her pretty music to play.

The day finally came when Mr. Martin gave Lily a pretty piece of music to learn. She was so very happy! She practiced that piece until she had it memorized, and she ended up playing it at her very first music recital. Her father and I were so proud of her progress. I will never regret my decision to search for the phrase “violin how to play” and finding Mr. Martin.

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