Violin Finger Positions for Beginners

violin finger positions for beginners

Those new to learning violin often struggle because there is no exact placement on the neck of the violin that creates a particular sound. The width and size of your hand will determine your hands exact placement to play certain notes on your violin. However, often individuals will use fingering tape (or stickers) to notate cetain notes once they’ve found them. Your violin teacher can help you with this, and it can certainly speed up the learning process.

That being said, a number of rules can help you find the proper notes as quickly as possible:

1. Always play with your fingertips – don’t lay your finger flat on the string.

2. Keep your fingernails trimmed

3. Practice often but more shorter periods of time (rather than long but infrequent practices)

4. Sing the note in your head (or even outloud) to compare the pitch you’re making with your violin against the proper sound.

The fingers on your left hand (the ones on the next of the violin) are numbered from 1 to 4 to simplify learning. The index finger is number one, the middle finger number two, the ring finger number three, and the pinky finger number four.

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