Learn to Play the Violin Online

learn to play the violin online

How To Learn To Play Violin Online

For people who want to learn to play violin, but who cannot afford the costly lessons available from music instructors and universities, there is another solution. Many websites offer online violin lessons for those who are interested in pursuing their study of this instrument. Though some sites offer paid instruction, many people will prefer to opt for the free instructional sites.

On these websites, teachers with a variety of musical backgrounds have made their services available. Some are simply musical instructors who seek to share their knowledge with the world. Others are musicians who are interested in seeing others develop their skills. It is even possible to obtain video instruction provided by concert-level violinists.

The first thing that any prospective student will need to do is to search the internet for a suitable site. Though some video sites have a variety of random instructional videos available for streaming, it is probably wiser to seek a site that offers a comprehensive and progressive course of study. That way, each video lesson can build skills that are then used in the next lesson.

It is also important that a site be found that offers both written and video instruction. To truly understand this instrument’s power, students should learn to read music while also developing a better understanding of music theory. This is often best accomplished through written instruction. Video instruction is a better option for actually developing the playing skills necessary to master the instrument.

A comprehensive course of study will provide a firm foundation for playing. Videos should instruct the student on how to properly tighten the hair of his bow, as well as how to properly rosin it. These skills are essential to avoiding the screechy sounds that often result when the instrument strings fail to vibrate properly. In addition, the videos should demonstrate the proper way to hold the bow when playing.

Good video instructions also detail the appropriate way to use the bow on the strings. Many often begin with practice on open strings before moving on to scales. Be sure that the videos included on the site are clear and easy to see, particularly at this point in the instruction. Players will need to see exactly where their fingers need to be to properly play each scale.

More advanced video courses can even take the student through the lessons necessary to learn his first few songs. All serious instructional programs require that the student practice for several hours each day. Obviously, hobbyists may choose to limit their time to perhaps no more than an hour, depending upon their schedules. Those who wish to play at a higher level will need more practice.

Regardless of whether the student chooses an expensive musical school or takes free lessons online, there is one fact that cannot be avoided: no one becomes a competent violinist overnight. The instrument requires years of study and practice to master. For those who are unsure about whether their commitment rises to that level, the ability to learn to play violin online can provide an affordable opportunity to test their resolve.

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